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Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze Qualifying Weekend

13 September 2014

Year: 10 Staff in charge: Dr Sparshott From 13 to 14 September Cost: £55 for this weekend and 28/29 June

Sports Awards Video 2014

A Universe of Triangles - Computerphile

We see  objects all the time and our brains decode the 3D shapes, but how do computers model these shapes and why break it all down to triangles? Graphics series with John Chapman: 1/ Universe o…

How To Read Text In Binary

http://tomscott.com - @tomscott - No, seriously. Here's how to read text when all you can see is a bunch of 0s and 1s. It's easier than it seems. I... I think I might have gone off the deep end a b…

YouTube Doesn't Know Your Password

http://tomscott.com - @tomscott - A brief introduction to password hashing for the uninitiated -- and why you should never trust a site that emails your password back to you!

The Image That Can Break Your Brain

http://tomscott.com - @tomscott - Things that can hurt you just by looking at them are science fiction and fantasy, right? Well, not quite. Inside Walt Disney World, home of the most terrible earwo…

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

2 October 2014

Years: 9 - 13 Staff in charge: Mrs Ballam / Mrs Hayward-Nicholls Cost: tbc Venue: Yorkshire Sculpture Park, near Wakefield NB. DATE CHANGED FROM 26 SEPTEMBER TO 2 OCTOBER

Drama Trip - ' Henry IV'

16 October 2014

Year: 13 Staff in charge: Mrs Crisp Cost: £16 Venue: Theatre Royal, Norwich, to see Royal Shakespeare Company 'Henry IV'

Final Document and Process Table

Table needed for Task 5. I suggest that you do not expand any of the columns but do expand the rows as required. The 1st row should appear on all print outs

'The Modern Alchemist' Science Trip

3 November 2014

Year: 7 Staff in charge: Mr Luxton Cost: c £8 Venue: Theatre Royal, Norwich

Clothes Show

9 December 2014

Years: 10 to 13 Staff in charge: Mrs Holder Cost: tba Venue: NEC Birmingham

Apprenticeships from Saffron Housing

Dear Parents/Carers Please find below a link that has been sent to us regarding Apprenticeships being offered by Saffron Housing. http://www.saffronhousing.co.uk/corporate/careers/saff…

Sports Awards 'Warm-up' Video 2014

Girls Sports Awards Video 2014

Collecting Resistant Materials Projects

You can collect your GCSE coursework from the Design Technology Department on the last day of term 23rd July or between the 26th and 29th of August during office hours. Alternatively you can collect …

Internet Archive - Wayback Machine

www.hartismere.co.uk in the Internet Archive Home Page/About the Website/Website History/

Isle of Wight Trip 2014 Photos

A selection of photos from Isle of Wight trip 2014

Timetable Weekly Rotations :: Red and Blue Weeks 2…

08 Sept 2014 1 &nb…

Hartismere SEN Information Report September 2014

Shakespeare 3

Shakespeare facts: Interested in facts about William Shakespeare? Here's a …

Shakespeare 2

Primary school classroom resources about William Shakespeare including biographi…

Shakespeare 1

A collection of frequently asked questions about William Shakespeare. exploring …

Board of Fame

The best products across all years

The Bank Art Awards 2014

Once again Hartismere Art & Photography students are representing the school in …

Hadrian's Wall

24 June 2015

Year: 7 Staff in charge: Mr Miller Cost: tbc Venue: Hadrian's Wall environme…

Y8 Germany photos

Photos from this year's trip to Koblenz.

Jun 08 QP

Housing market - price ceilings

Useful tutor2U revision notes and egs on price ceilings - plus useful evaluation…

Minutes 13/ 05/ 14

Hartismere Exhibition Award Winners 2012

Here are the award winners from the Hartismere Exhibition 2012. Well done to all…



Table for you to review docs & processes

This is the table to help you complete Task 5

A Level Art, Photography, Textiles and DT exhibiti…

Did you miss the amazing exhibition of student work? This is what it looked like…

Facts about Germany

This free book is definitely a must for every ambitious German student. Facts …

Evening caretaker contact

In the event that you need to contact the evening caretaker Simon Crisp, please …

Cuddy's Customer Service Case Study

This covers Pass 6

Jess' Sport Survey


Art, Photography & D&T Exhibition 2014

This years poster.

SWOT Example for Unit 8

This is an example for a CD shop. You need to complete your own SWOT and then wr…

Sample questionnaire

Women and the Vote

The fight for women's suffrage was fought in Britan from about 1880. The struggl…


Dear Parents/Carers Please find attached a letter from Mrs Barth regard…

Drama - Theatre Trip 'Lion Boy'

11 February 2015

Years: 11 + 12 Staff in charge: Mrs Crisp Cost: tbc Venue: Theatre Royal, Bu…

The Big Swing selfie- group 1

Jan 2011 Dynamic planet markscheme Foundation

Markscheme for the January 2011 Dynamic Planet foundation exam

Data-Number systems

Lesson on Recruitment & Selection

What makes you happy?

Inspired by the Video Clip "What makes you happy?" on vimeo.com Year12 German st…

P2 Revision aid

Geometric distribution

no description available

Y8 Industrial Revolution - Graphic Organiser

Useful template to help you start to organise the evidence you have collected.

A2 Computing F454 Project Checklist

A document that can be used as a checklist for students while working on the pro…