An outstanding state funded co-educational school and sixth form college for scholars aged 11-18.
An outstanding state funded co-educational school and sixth form college for scholars aged 11-18.


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Business :: Foreign investment into UK is highest in Europe and second highest in world

The UK's foreign direct investment (FDI) stock was greater than that any of its European neighbours last year, according to a government report.

Science :: 'The Modern Alchemist' Science Trip

3 November 2014. 11:30am

Year: 7 Staff in charge: Mr Luxton Cost: c £8 Venue: Theatre Royal, Norwich

English :: Plath Homework Menu

Student Notices :: Construction Industry Training Board

4 November 2014. 12pm

4th November 2pm - Library Find out more about the many opportunities available for employment and training in the construction industry. See Mrs Joy for details.

Media & Film :: Film Studies

5 November 2014

Years: 12 and 13 Staff in charge: Mrs Nichols Cost: £8 Venue: Cinema City Norwich To see 'Frank' part of the National Youth Film Festival Morning only, back at school at lunchtime

Drama :: Grease is the word!

The 2015 school production will be Grease!Auditions in September! The Dates for performances will be: Tuesday 10th March dress rehearsal. Daytime. Wednesday 11th March/ Thursday 12th March/ Friday 13…

Media & Film :: A Level Film Study Day

7 November 2014

Year: 12 Staff in charge: Mrs Nichols Cost: £30.00 Venue: British Film Institute, Sotuh bank, London

Computing & ICT :: Club times

Mathematics :: Edexcel S1 exam papers

Computing & ICT :: How YouTube Works - Computerphile

How does YouTube work and why do videos buffer? See more in the full description. Our thanks to the staff at YouTube for giving us their time. Characters, Symbols & the Unicode Miracle: http://youtu.b…

Art :: Ceramic Poppies

Come to the Art Department this Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime to make a clay poppy to help us mark the Centennial Commemoration of World War One. All Welcome!

Art :: YLM

A Year 11 student has featured on the cover of a local magazine after doing work experience with a professional photographer 

Sixth Form Open Evening 20/01/2015

Mathematics :: Consecutive numbers

History :: History Careers

Science :: 'Exploring Medicine' Trip

10 November 2014

Years: 11 and 12 Staff in charge: Mr Luxton Cost: £27 Venue: UEA, Norwich

Parents :: Year 12 Parents' Evening

11 November 2014. 6pm

History :: Outstanding work in history

A new showcase of examples of outstanding work produced by pupils studying hist…

History :: History Coursework Library Visit

12 November 2014

Year: 13 Staff in charge: Mr Sandall Cost: Nil Venue: UEA Norwich Leaving at 10…

Mathematics :: Codebreaking and Computers Trip

16 December 2014

Years: KS3 Staff in charge: Miss Shackleton Cost: tbc Venue: Bletchley Park

Art :: ceramic poppy poster

Computing & ICT :: Introduction to the practical investigation (A452)…

Psychology :: Careers in Psychology

Computing & ICT :: Computing & ICT Jobs and Courses

This document outlines many of the jobs and university courses related to Compu…

Science :: P1 Revision Resources

Science :: P6g It's Logical - The OR Gate

What does an OR gate do? Watch this short animation to find out.

Business :: Links to past exam papers for Financial Records

Use the links to load past exam papers and mark schemes.

English :: Visit to Hartismere by famous author, Alexander Go…

15 October 2014

Years: 7 and 8 Staff in charge: Mrs Nichols Pupil cost: £2.50

Old Hartisians :: Alumni :: Messages from old Hartisians

If you were a student of Eye Grammar, Hartismere High School - or even Hartismer…

Business :: Link to exam papers for all business units

This link gives you access to the exam papers and mark schemes for all AS and A2…

Geography :: Coastal Unit = coastal Environments

Changes in sea level

Computing & ICT :: 1 Simple Calculations

Program 1 Create a program that will add together 3 inputs from the user and ou…

Science :: 7F Animal Creations

How our imaginary animals are adapted to their environments.

About Hartismere :: LGPS Discretions Policy

Student Notices :: Year 9 Rewards Trip

20 May 2015

Staff in charge: Mrs Buttle Cost and venue: To be confirmed. NB - THIS IS A PRO…

Computing & ICT :: 6 Uses of ICT. 3D printers: Printing solid objects…

The future is made of plastic and is being gradually spat out of a 3D printer. …

Mathematics :: Maths Playground

Play our Math Games and give your brain a workout! Practice multiplication, frac…