First Suffolk Academy

Hartismere was Suffolk’s first Academy. This meant that although the School continues to enjoy a good relationship with the Local Authority it has independence from it.

This independence is seen in the facilities enjoyed by students at the School and in the Curriculum our students follow.

The School is able to respond to the needs of its own Community.

Hartismere charts its own course in the educational world, a course that reflects its independence and traditional academic and Community values.


Hartismere draws pupils from a very wide area. However, priority is given to pupils who attend our partner primary schools.

All applications should be made to the Local Authority in the normal way. This includes families applying from Norfolk who should apply through Norfolk Local Authority in the first instance.

For further information including Sixth Form College admissions, "In Year" admissions and Music Specialism admissions, click here...

Assessment and Reports

Assessment is an important part of children's learning and at Hartismere our assessment policy aims to improve a pupil's performance by concentrating on achievement rather than failure.

The system supports teachers and pupils working together and we hope to give the kind of information that will be useful for pupils, their teachers, their families and other users of our assessment system.

A detailed report is produced for each pupil during the course of the year at a time that is most appropriate to their learning needs. Parents or Guardians are an important part of the assessment process and are asked to comment on their child's performance.


We want your child to enjoy school and to be successful: to this end we need to work in partnership with parents and to create strong links between home and school.

The initial point of contact is the Form Tutor and/or Head of Year. You can find out who they are from the pupil planner, which is issued to all pupils on arrival at Hartismere.

The Form Tutor or Head of Year can be contacted by telephoning the school and if they are not available (they are often teaching during the school day) will return your call or ring you to arrange for you to pop in and meet with them for a chat.

We encourage parents to inform us of an email contact so that non urgent communication can be sent out via HartisMail. You may also email the school if you are unable to make contact by telephone and your message will be forwarded to the relevant member of staff.


In recent years the school has benefited from significant improvements in facilities. A new dance studio – one of the largest in East Anglia – has been added. The school now has its own fitness suite.

The school library has been completely refurbished and the dining hall has been renewed and extended. In addition, almost every class has been modernised, along with an internet café in the College.

A six-pitch sized field has been added for Rugby, Cricket and Hockey and the cricket nets and bowling machines are very popular.

Two new Science laboratories and two new ICT rooms have recently added another dimension to the technological facilities at School.

More Able Pupils

Our pupils consistently display their outstanding potential through participation in a variety of programmes designed to really challenge them.

Pupils have been supported with More Able Pupil Support (MAPS) programmes whose focus has ranged from the controversial area of animal testing to the Olympic Games.

Throughout their time at Hartismere more able pupils are able to access a wide variety of additional extension and enrichment opportunities that complement or go beyond those available in the classroom e.g. Suffolk Math Challenge, Going Global Through Language, Arts Award, and School Sport Partnership events.

The school offers a range of international GCSEs e.g. in Latin although these will tend to be offered to younger children.

As a result of the support available more able pupils who study at Hartismere will develop their full range of abilities and achieve exceptional academic results in public examinations as well as excellent sporting, dramatic and musical achievements.”

Hartismere Values and Ethos

Education has a very long history in Eye and the surrounding villages. The grammar school was founded in 1451 and there are indications of the presence of a School even before then.

The school has occupied a number of locations but is now situated in a beautiful rural campus in the middle of the Suffolk Countryside.

The modern school is a mixture of older and newer buildings which are low rise and set around a central garden where the pupils spend breaks and lunchtime.

Hartismere retains a traditional but friendly ethos combining high academic standards and rich extra-curricular opportunities with a caring approach to young people.

The school’s motto: ‘Discamus ut Serviamus’ suggests our core values and ethos. The children both ‘learn and serve’.

They receive a superb academic education which is rounded out by opportunities to give to and to become ever more a part of our Community.

Headmaster James McAtear MSc MA MEd MPhil PGCE NPQH PSQI NLE

It is a special privilege to serve as Headmaster at Hartismere. On a daily basis I see a level of commitment from staff that I have never encountered in another school during the course of my career.

Our parents are amongst the most supportive I have had the privilege to know and our students are both a pleasure to teach and a credit to their families.

They deserve the high standards they achieve in examinations and they make the atmosphere caring and warm. I look forward to working with you as a new scholar or parent to the School.

James McAtear is a Designated National Leader in Education. He has served as a Lead Inspector with Ofsted throughout England over a number of years.

He has also served as Headmaster in several schools leading Hartismere School in becoming England’s first Academy and to successive Outstanding Ofsted judgements in every category.