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Staff Information Safeguarding Health and Safety Website Top Tips


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Drama :: Grease

I am still missing several black and white skirts from the production. You must ...

Mathematics :: Maths Trip to Norwich Castle


Year: 8 Staff in charge: Miss Shackleton Cost: £14 Venue: Nowich Castle

Science :: Biology Trip


Year: 12 Staff in charge: Mrs Keen Cost: £6.50 Venue: Redgrave and Lopham Fen

PE :: Lawn Bowls @ Diss. Girls vs Boys.. 5-4 girls!!!

Mathematics :: Norwich Dragon Trail

Thursday 9 July 2015

Year: 9 Staff in charge: Mrs Shackleton Cost: £5.50 Venue: various sites in Norw...

Art & Photography :: Hartismere Exhibition 2015  7th July - 9th July 20...

This year's exhibition opens this week and will be held in The Lines Hall. We wi...

About Hartismere :: 7W Reward Trip

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Year: 7W only Staff in Charge: Mr Poacher Cost: c. £5 Venue: Pleasurewood Hills

Computing & ICT :: 3 Using FOR Loops

Program 1 Write a program which asks for your name and then displays it 5 times ...

About Hartismere :: National Schools Film Festival

Wednesday 23 October 2013. 9am

Years: 11 - 13 Staff in charge: Mrs Nichols Cost: tbc Venue: Bury St Edmunds

Examinations :: Summer Examination Timetable 2015

Date Start  Board Unit / Title Level Length Mon 11 May 09:15 EDEXL (6EC0101) Com...

Computing & ICT :: Pipeline from Valve

Anyone who plays PC games would have heard of Valve. Pipeline is a website cre...

History :: Timeline TV - Dawn of Democracy

How, and why, did working men win the vote in the mid-Victorian period? (9 mins)...