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Sample past paper for A2 Unit 3 Culture and Society


Mark scheme for example A2 Unit 3 Culture and Society

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write,  Video clips from the lecture: 10 Extraordinary Statistics Avon Extra Lasting Makeup Adver...

The UK Economy in Crisis?

Bayes' Theorem

Links in this lecture: Can Bayes' Law Prove the Resurrection?

Can Art Change The World?

Links used in this lecture: YouTube

Moral Responsibilities of Scientists

Links in this lecture:


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Student Notices :: Create Your Own Soap Opera: Workshop for Young Peo...

Sign up for our soap opera workshop where you will work creatively and collabora...

Student Notices :: READATHON - any sponsorship money raised should be...

of term. Please bring it to the English office at break or lunchtime.

Business :: ForceFieldT

Student Notices :: 9 Powerful Lessons We Can Learn From Our Mistakes

We have all heard the sayings

Student Notices :: How to learn? From mistakes

Diana Laufenberg shares three surprising things she has learned about teaching -...

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Kathryn Schulz is a staff writer for the New Yorker and is the author of "Being ...

Music :: Sonny Rollins Quartet with John Coltrane - Tenor M...

Sonny Rollins Quartet with John Coltrane - Tenor Madness (1956) Personnel: Sonny...

Business :: Unit 4 Economics Evaluation Table to Fill In

Practice identifying evaluation points with this table.

Business :: Jan 2010 Mark Scheme

Technology :: 10 ways the UK's eating habits have changed - BBC ...

Figures charting the UK's changing food-buying patterns have been released. What...

Computing & ICT :: 1 Simple Calculations

Program 1 Create a program that will add together 3 inputs from the user and out...

Business :: Departments for Unit 2

A powerpoint to help with pass 4,5 and Merit 2.