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Sample past paper for A2 Unit 3 Culture and Society


Mark scheme for example A2 Unit 3 Culture and Society

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write,  Video clips from the lecture: 10 Extraordinary Statistics Avon Extra Lasting Makeup Adver...

The UK Economy in Crisis?

Bayes' Theorem

Links in this lecture: Can Bayes' Law Prove the Resurrection?

Can Art Change The World?

Links used in this lecture: YouTube

Moral Responsibilities of Scientists

Links in this lecture:

Jun 2010 Source Booklet

Jun 2010 Question Paper

Jun 2010 Mark Scheme

Jun 2010 Examiners Report

January 2009 Question paper


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January 2009 Mark scheme

January 2009 Examiners report

June 2009 Source booklet

June 2009 Question paper

Examples of marked examination scripts

This booklet contains examples of both good and poor answers to real examination...

Business :: Unit 4 Economics Revision Guide

Business :: Unit 4 Economics Evaluation Table to Fill In

Practice identifying evaluation points with this table.

Business :: Unit 4 Economics Evaluation Points from Past Mark ...

Links to evaluation points from past mark schemes for different topics

Business :: A2 Level Unit 4 Economics Past Papers Link

Link to A Level Economics Past Papers and Mark Schemes

Computing & ICT :: F451 Question Generator (AS Computing)

This generates a random question from a selection of F451. Have a go.

Computing & ICT :: Questions you hate to answer #3 (F451)

This is a selection of questions that students generally do not like answering. ...

About Hartismere :: Biology Trip to Redgrave + Lopham Fen

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Year: 13 Staff in charge: Mrs McKenzie Cost: £5 Venue: Redgrave + Lopham Fen

Business :: Activities For Edexcel GCSE Business

Year 10 GCSE: Unit 1.4 - Business Studies Online: Resources for Business Educati...

Business :: Table on Legal Status to Complete

Make sure this table is complete in your notes. Use the textpage - page numbers ...

Clubs & Activites :: Cooking club ingredients: Homemade Crunchies!

100g caster sugar 3 tbsp golden syrup Some chocolate to drizzle over the top.

History :: Timeline TV

Since 2010 has offered an invaluable free-to-use resource for stude...

Computing & ICT :: Answering an ICT 'A' level exam question

A brief presentation helping support AS Level students when answering AS Level I...