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Year 9 One Lesson Task :: Text Layout [Word Processor]

This is a fairly easy task:

Look at the text above about a famous inventor. Copy and paste it into a Word Processor. You're going to make some adjustments to it...

  1. The text says it's about Nigel Clarkson - but that's wrong! Who is it really about? You may have to use the internet to find out!
  2. Once you know who it's about, change every occurrence of the wrong name for the correct name. There is a very quick way of doing this!
  3. The text looks very plain. Improve the way it looks:
    • Add a heading
    • Add Titles
    • Format the text (bold, italic etc)
    • Add some colour (don't over do it - keep it subtle)
    • Try putting the text in columns
  4. Add some appropriate and suitable images to the text. Try and make the images the same size and positioned consistently.

Save your finished document and hand it in. 


  • Inventor Text
  • Word
  • The Internet


  • Hand in finished document
    [Marked by teacher]


  • 1 Lesson