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Physics :: P6 and Triple Revision

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To download past paper mark schemes download the items below. 


Notes on CGP past paper SET A


 Notes on CGP past paper SET B 





  • The question about transmission of signals using electromagnetic waves requires you to be able to describe how electromagnetic waves with different frequencies behave in the atmosphere:

  • Below 30 MHz are reflected by the ionosphere
  • Above 30 GHz, rain, dust and other atmospheric effects reduce the strength of the signal due to absorption and scattering
  • Between 30 MHz and 30 GHz can pass through the Earth’s atmosphere.

  • http://wifiinschools.org.uk/15.html This link may also help wit your understanding. You will need to remember the frequencies that can pass through the atmosphere and those that are either reflected or scattered.



  • For the ray diagram this is again a case of remembering the rules (1st draw line from the top of the image through the optical centre, 2nd draw a line from the top of the image to the middle of the lens and then down through the focal point. If the lines do not meet it is because the object is closer than the focal point so a magnified virtual image is produced in the lens. Carry on the lines until they DO MEET the same side of the lens as the object. If the image was at the focal point or beyond it then you would draw the real image on the other side of the lens inverted where the two lines meet ( See the P5 page for more) 

  • The rest I think the mark scheme is self explanatory.




  • Any difficulties please speak to me.