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Theatre trip to see Aladdin 26th January 2017

Trip Information check list, Q & A’s:


What should I wear?

Non school uniform (casual but not scruffy), sensible shoes, back pack if needed. Coat.


What should I bring?

Packed lunch, (packed tea). Money for food/ program/ ice cream/ drinks, mobile phones.


What time should I ask to be excused from lesson?

5-10 minutes before the coach departs 


What time should we meet at the coach?

Between 10:20 to 10:25 for a 10:30 departure


Where do we meet?

Bus bays.


What time should we be back?

If a theatre trip to London, usually back by 8:30 but bring your mobile phone in case we are delayed so that you can ring parents.


What is expected from me?

You are representing the school so excellent behaviour is expected at all times; on the coach, in the service station, at the theatre.

Mobile phones must be off in the theatre.

No hot food on the coach

Usually you can leave coats and non-valuables on the coach whilst we go into the theatre.

All litter (including food and drink) must be removed from the coach before you go home.


Will we be stopping?

Usually on the way to London, we expect to stop at a service station for a time-limited toilet break. You can usually purchase food and drinks, however, hot food and drinks are not allowed on the coach so must be consumed before you get back on. Any food or drink bought too close to departure time will have to be thrown away if not eaten.

We will have a 10 minute toilet break on the return journey, however you will NOT be able to buy food and drink during this stop so make sure that you bring a drink and some food for the return journey if required.


Lastly, enjoy yourselves- not everyone has the opportunity to go on these trips.