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Y10 Forces Revision

Below are some links to help you revise for the first 6 week test on Forces.


www.bbc.co.uk - Weight and mass

www.bbc.co.uk - Resultant forces

www.bbc.co.uk - forces and elasticity

www.darvill.clara.net - More on Hookes law

 www.physicsclassroom.com - Free body diagrams (GOOD SITE)

www.gcsescience.com - More on free body diagrams

www.bbc.co.uk - Centre of mass experiment


Please note an understanding of F=ma or Newtons second law is not needed (Yet)


There will be many more sites online that you can use but stick to the handout stating what you need to know. Youtube will also have some good videos on it you can use: e.g. www.youtube.com