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GCSE Computer Science Summer Holiday Activities

For Year 10 GCSE Computer Science students:

Spend at least two hours per week practicing your programming skills and improving your use of the C# programming language.

Important: learn how to use Google properly. Every programmer uses Google when they don't know how to achieve something. Using the correct search criteria will bring you the correct results. For example:

Good: "C# timer on key press"
Bad: "How do I create a program to see how quickly someone presses a button?"


Some essential links:

  • SharpDevelop
    An alternative to Microsoft's Visual Studio - but the same C# language. A bit less "clunky". This is the IDE that Mr Waller uses. Free.

  • Visual Studio Community
    A large bit of software, but easier to use. Remember to select C# as the language

  • Getting started with C#
    Console based programming on the web. Made by Hartismere.

  • Getting started with C#
    Made by Microsoft.
  • A checklist of essential programming skills
    Try and achieve everything on this list. You'll need to reach Expert Level to get maximum marks in the programming project.
  • Tutorials on YouTube
    There are 100s of videos to help you. Take your pick!

  • FizzBuzz
    A short YouTube video exploring a fairly straightforward problem. Or is it?!

  • Unity
    Feel very brave? Try making some games using Unity. Loads of tutorials on YouTube and online.

  • Project ideas:
    Stuck for something to try out? Why not make a program to:
    • create 6 random lottery numbers. How many times would you have to play the lottery before your chosen numbers came up?
    • play Snakes and Ladders. (Complete the practice project. Make it a four-player game.)
    • help with trigonometry. The user enters 2 sides of a right angle triangle, the computer calculates the hypotenuse. etc.
    • play Hangman. (Graphics optional!)
    • play Blackjack.
    • create strong random passwords.
    • ask the user to enter a four digit number and display it in words, e.g. 33 becomes thirty three.
    • for any year entered by the user: display if it's a leap year.
    • display a line of text to the user, and time how long it takes them to type it.


You must be comfortable and confident creating Console Applications in C# when you come back in September for Year 11.

Need help? Email me!