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Sunflower House Divided Skies 60/ 40/ 20

Friday, 12th of March, Year 12 German students went to London to see the play "Sunflower House".

Directed by Lydia Ziemke
Written by Anne Rabe
Translated from the German by Philip Thorne

A family in close-up - in a typical East German concrete highrise. Some years after 1989 Micha is making a documentary about his family for film school, and rather unwittingly uncovers a lot. His father was a Stasi informant, his pregnant sister has been kicked out of university and his best friend is a Neo-nazi. It may even be that Micha himself was involved in that famous arson attack on the Sunflower House. Micha’s film forces the different generations to make decisions with regard to their past and future, and becomes a study of constructed individual and collective memory in the wake of the "reunification".

This is a play about growing up and facing the consequences of one's actions, as well as a study of individual and collective memory. Looking at the reality of the different generations of a regular family in the wake of Germany's reunification, the play does not embrace any of the customary nostalgia. This compact three-hander is a powerful portrait of the first post-unification generation.

Sunflowerhouse won the widely respected Kleist-Scholarship Award in 2006.

Sunflower House