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10E Sponsored Sleepover for Shelterbox Friday 15th February 2019- Thank you

Thank you to all the pupils and staff who participated in the Shelterbox- Sponsored ‘Sleepover’ Friday 15th February 2019


Our fun raising total so far has reached:............over £204


If you haven't sponsored us yet and you would like to contribute towards a great cause, please see Mrs Davy ASAP.


Right now, around 85 million people around the world have been made homeless by natural disaster and conflict. ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that provides temporary shelter and life-saving supplies to displaced families by providing emergency shelter and tools for those robbed of their homes by disaster. The charity aims to turn despair into hope and their wish is to see a world where no family is left without shelter.

An average ShelterBox costs £590, but is worth every penny- each ShelterBox typically contains a tent designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, water purification kit, blankets, tools, and other necessities to help a family survive after a disaster. Even the box itself is amazingly handy. Once emptied, it can be used as a water tank, food store, table – or even a baby’s cot.


On Friday 15th February pupils from 10E, accompanied by myself, Mrs Rhodes and Miss Baker will be ‘sleeping rough’ at school in the Line hall to raise as much as we can towards purchasing a Shelterbox. We will occupy the hall from 4pm on Friday. Pupils will need to be collected from school by 8am Saturday morning. We aim to include up to 30 pupils, so should there be spaces available, students from other form groups may be included, subject to teacher approval as ‘paying guests’ (£5).


Pupils will need to bring their own bedding, appropriate clothing, food, drink and toiletries. Activities will include: watching a film, drama games and a karaoke party. Pupils will not be permitted to leave the building during this time. Mobile phones are permitted.

If pupils would like to order a takeaway to be delivered, this will also be possible.


Hartismere School has a proud tradition of supporting 100 charities, so I have attached a Shelterbox sponsorship form for your child’s use. Any donations received will be sent directly to the charity through the school finance department.


If you are happy for your child to take part in the sponsored ‘sleepover’, could you please sign the consent form attached.


If you would like to know more about Shelterbox, you can visit their website at https://www.shelterbox.org


Mrs Davy

Form Tutor 10E