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1. Creating Breakout

Game Details


For this task you will create a breakout game. The image to the right will give you an idea of the way the game could be designed and organised. The ball should bounce around the screen and destroy blocks when it touches them, increasing the score. The paddle should move with the left and right arrow keys. If you are still unsure what breakout is, try typing 'atari breakout' in a Google Image search.

Task 1 - Create the sprites listed below.

  •  Paddle (height = 16, width = 64)
  • Wall (height = 32, width = 32)
  • Block (height = 32, width = 32)
  • Ball (height = 32, width = 32)

Task 2 - Create the objects listed below making sure to attach the correct sprite. Give each object the required Events and Actions. All objects should be solid.






Key Press Left

Speed Horizontal -8

Key Press Right

Speed Horizontal 8





Collision with ball

Destroy instance (do not change settings)


Collision with wall


Collision with paddle


Collision with block


Set score 1 relative


Set score caption info

Move Free (Direction = random(360), speed = 8)





Task 3 - Create the room

The room should have a wall around the edge. There should be blocks of barriers at the top of the room. The bat should be at the bottom of the room.

Task 4 - Test it works

If it does not, fix it! Make sure each of the objects are exactly as above.

Task 5 - Extend the game.

How could the game be extended? New levels when all barriers gone? Reduce lives if the bottom wall is hit? It is up to you. 

Extension ideas (ask a friend or maybe even Google)

  • Stop the paddle when you release the arrow key
  • Stop the paddle when you hit the wall
  • Create and add a new object to the bottom of the room. When the ball hits it, show the high score and restart the game.
  • When all the blocks have gone, go to a new level
  • Pick ups that extend the width of the paddle when the balls hits them (you will need to create a new, wider paddle and then switch to this sprite when the ball hits it)