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Est. 1451. An outstanding coeducational secondary school & sixth form college and England's first academy

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Hartismere at a glance :

Year 5 Open afternoons - 9 & 10 July

About Hartismere Including: Welcome to Hartismere! School Aims, Values and Ethos Hartismere School and Sixth Form College Prospectuses Vacancies History and Old Hartisians Communication with the School More...

Information Including: Contact us Term dates School Policies Admissions and Application Forms :: Main School and Sixth Form Ofsted reports Key Stage 4 and 5 Performance Tables More...

Our curriculum Including: All Programmes of Study Sixth Form course information English Mathematics Science Personal Development More...

Hartismere Sixth Form College Including: A levels: pre-reading and research materials Sixth Form Applications Book a tour... Academic challenge and independence; attainment Sixth Form Course Information Sixth Form Curriculum and Programme of Study More...

Students Including: @Home 9Y2 Cover documents A levels: pre-reading and research materials Alumni :: Messages from old Hartisians Careers & Apprenticeships Examinations More...

Parents Including: @Home Examinations Forms Hartismere Friends Hartismail - emails and letters home Help & Support More...

Staff Including: Staff Photographs Staff Handbook Hartismere Leadership Training Parents' Evening Meetings Examinations

Safeguarding Including: Advice about improving your sleep Bullying and child on child abuse Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Child to parent abuse County lines Domestic Violence More...

Clubs, trips and activities Including: Hartismere theatre workshop 2022: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Duke of Edinburgh Portal Running Club - all years School Productions Uganda 2022

Hartismere Community Including: Premises Management and Lettings Policy Tennis courts hire

News and Articles Including: Hartismere Art & Photography Exhibition 2023 Hartismere theatre workshop 2022: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Hartismere websites - A history

Examinations Including: Artificial intelligence and assessments My Examinations Summer 2024 Exam Arrangements and Results


9Y2 Cover documents

Year 7 The Rock Cycle and EMT

Cover Supervisor

The school day and routines

Cover supervisor with art specialism

SEND Information Report

Newsletters 2023-2024

Tennis courts hire

Drama & Theatre Podcasts

Online safety newsletters


Hartismere College Shop A Levels Lighting Sound Safeguarding Mrs Clifford Cover Bullying Theatre Year 9 Design Homework Extra-Curricular Gallery Technical My Hartismere

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