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Impact Evaluation of LAMDA Exams in Schools

About the report

Understanding the broader context

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about significant challenges for young people, including disruptions to schooling, prolonged social isolation, heightened health anxiety, and economic instability. These factors raise concerns about the wellbeing of youth. 

In response to these social concerns, LAMDA commissioned the report to understand how it might better address these challenges in relation to its participating students and schools.

Unlocking confidence and communication skills

One of the report's key findings highlights the significant boost in confidence and oracy skills observed in students participating in LAMDA Exams. 

LAMDA Exams are shown to enhance interpersonal and communication skills, particularly in terms of their spoken English and peer collaboration. Links are also highlighted between LAMDA teaching and learners’ academic development, as well as contributing to greater resilience and empathy among learners.

In the report, a teacher quoted: “I’ve had a student who went on to do medicine that loved drama and LAMDA really benefited her. She was able to walk into the interview and confidently say what she wanted to do, and why, and what she was great at.” 

Empowering inclusive learning environments

In addition to individual growth, LAMDA Exams play a pivotal role in fostering inclusive learning environments

The report reveals that implementing LAMDA has been proven to support schools in providing positive learning experiences for all learners, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

One teacher commented: “I would say that the benefits of LAMDA Exams were borderline transformational for some of our autistic learners."

Providing a springboard into adult life

Participating in LAMDA can benefit learners both in their academic journeys and personal growth as they enter adulthood. The report found that taking part in LAMDA positively impacted learners’ mental health and wellbeing and equipped young people with the skills to effectively navigate emotionally challenging situations in their lives. 

Young people who take part have also been found to have improved their resilience, empathy and emotional intelligence. The findings show that LAMDA Exams have a positive influence on young people’s communication skills, confidence, and mental health. 

Almost 80% of respondents strongly agreed that engagement with LAMDA Exams was linked to greater pupil confidence. Evidence showed that implementing LAMDA Exams could support schools’ capacity to provide positive learning experiences and engagement for all learners, including those who might otherwise struggle to engage with or access aspects of the national curriculum.

As one teacher stated: “[LAMDA] helps remind him about how good he is at it, that it's worth persisting. So it is learning how to be that resilient person, isn't it… I reminded him how good it was to get that distinction because that's the first time he's hearing that.”

In addition, LAMDA Exams has been found to help young people unleash their creative thinking, take ownership of their actions, smoothly navigate the transition from primary to secondary school, and enhance their physical development and motor skills.

Empowering teachers 

Professional development opportunities are among the key benefits for teachers who use LAMDA Exams. The syllabi encourage teachers to invest in their own professional development, enhance their skills and career prospects, and strengthen connections with parents. 

As one headteacher commented: “Coordinating exams and a unit of work, as well as supporting the development of other colleagues, have all been powerful and helpful aspects of professional learning.”




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