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2. Racing game

Task 1 - Create 2 sprites: 1 for the car and 1 for the wall/barriers. There are some pre-made car sprites in the shared area (L drive, ICT, Y8, Gamemaker, cars). Set the origin of the car sprite to be the centre of the front (steering axis).

Task 2 - Create objects listed below using the sprites. Give each object the required Events and Actions. 





Wall (set as solid)





Set variable speed to value 0

Set variable direction to value 0

Collision with wall

Restart the game (main 2)

Keyboard Press Up


Set variable speed value to 1 relative


Keyboard Press Down


Set variable speed value to -1 relative


Keyboard Left


Set variable direction value to 10 relative

Execute code: image_angle +=10 


Keyboard Right


Set variable direction value to -10 relative

Execute code: image_angle -=10 



Task 3 - Create the room

Create your race track. Ensure you have a wall around the edge. Start by making a simple oval track. Start the car along the top straight of the track.

Task 4 - Test it works

If it does not, fix it!

Task 5 - Extend the game.

How could the game be extended? Moving items that decrease or increase your car health. Portals to a new track. Lap times. An extra car to make the game 2 player. What ever you want