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3. Click Game with Multiple Levels

The aim of this game will be to click on a monster's face as many times as you can within 20 seconds. When the time is up, the game will move onto to a new, more difficult, level. When all the levels have been played, the high score chart will be displayed and game will then restart

Task 1 - Create a wall sprite (32x32) and a sprite of a monster's face (32x32). Ensure that the origin settings for both are set to 0.

Task 2 - Using the sprites, create the below objects. Remember to make the wall solid.









Move free: Direction = random(360) Speed = 5

Set variable timer to 0 

Collision with wall


Left mouse released

Set score to 1 relative

Move free: Direction = random(360) Speed = 5


Set variable timer to 1 relative

Test variable timer is equal to 600

Start Block 

Check next room exists

Go to next room


Start Block 

Show highscore table

Restart game 

End Block

End Block 

Task 3 - Create some rooms

Each room should have a wall around the edge. The first room should be easier than the rest. You should probably have more than one monster in this room.

Task 4 - Test it works

If it does not, fix it!

Task 5 - Extend the game.

How could the game be extended?

  1. Add an extra, more difficult monster for the harder levels. This should work in exactly the same way except move faster.
  2. Add an extra object that you should not click. If it is clicked it should reduce your score.
  3. Add a speed variable to your monster that will be used to increase the speed of the monster every time it is clicked.
  4. Anything you can think of!