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4. Jumping platform game

  1. Create 2 sprites: a player (size width=32 height=48) and a platform (size width=32 height=10)
  2. Create the object for the platform. Make sure to tick the solid box.
  3. Create the object for the player. Once created, follow the guides below to setup the events:
    1. Left Key Pressed
    2. Left Key Released
    3. Right Key Pressed
    4. Right Key Released
    5. Collision with Platform
    6. Up Key Pressed
    7. Step
  4. Create your room making sure to add platforms all the way along the bottom of the room.
  5. Test the game. If it does not work fix it!
  6. Add extra features to the game. Monsters? Pick-ups? Extra rooms? Scrolling rooms? Whatever you want. There are a few videos at the top of the item to help.
  7. At the end of the lesson, hand in a video of your game in actions.