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Physics :: G481 Mechanics

Unit G481: Mechanics 


  • Firstly you must be competent rearranging formulae and the units of each quantity used. You need to be able to recognise and use standard form and prefixes. The following links should help: Physical Quantities  Prefixes  
  • Download the formula book (item below) and make sure that you are able to rearrange all the equations for this unit.
  • Please make sure you can use your calculator properly and do not be afraid to ask, alternatively watch this video if you keep getting the wrong answer even though your working out is correct: Inputting scientific notation 


 Resources to help with you learning of G481.      (revision links at the bottom of the page)


 Free fall / Projectiles



Shoot the monkey: http://physics.bu.edu/~duffy/semester1/c04_monkeyhunter.html<<<<LINK



  • Car Safety: The lesson some of you missed on car safety is an item below, as is the homework.




Past papers OCR WEBSITE Make sure you select the correct ones, Physics A H158, H588. Chose unit G481, do the most recent ones first, time yourself and use the markschemes once you have done all you can.


Check out the multitude of revision resources here:

CLICK THIS>>http://www.st-ambrosecollege.org.uk/1271/academic/science---physics/physics-as-level/<<<LINK


  • A link to a quiz on choosing the correct suvat equation: CLICK