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Physics :: G484 Newtonian World

G484 The Newtonian World


This page includes links and instructions to complement unit G484 the Newtonian World.

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Module 1: Newton’s laws and momentum 

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Module 2: Circular motion and oscillations 

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  • You did some calculations on the decent of Felix Baumgartner. You worked out g at an altitude of 39km (where he jumped from) and then assuming this value remained constant and that there was zero air resistance you used kinematics to work out the time it took him to reach his maximum speed and how far he fell in this time. Check your calculations with the data that is available on his decent. Red Bull Stratos (for info and data if you can find it) or Wikepedia (for the data)
  • If anyone can find a complete set of data from the jump or a graph of velocity v time for the decent please let me know.
  • Simple Harmonic Motion 

The key point is that a body is undergoing simple harmonic motion if it has an acceleration which is proportional to the negative displacement of the body from an equilibrium position. 

This statement means the acceleration is always in the opposite direction to the displacement. This is due to the restoring force accelerating the object back to the equilibrium position. Remember the formula for acceleration of an object undergoing SHM as this includes the - sign which implies the definition. You need to give the equation and a written explanation in an exam.


Below are two links that can help with your understanding of the graphs you need to be able to construct and the accompanying equations you must be able to manipulate.




For resonance and damping you need to be able to come up with examples of where resonance is useful and a nuisance. You should also be comfortable using graphs to demonstrate your understanding of resonance (Amplitude Vs Frequency) and damping (displacement vs time).

Applications of resonance 

Useful: Radio receivers, MRI scans, Microwave ovens 

Annoying and should be avoided: Tacoma Narrows, Car numberplate or other rattles, millennium bridge, 



Module 3: Thermal Physics 

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Please try and think about the whole circular motion topic not just satellites.

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