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04 Maze Game Assessment

Task: Create an amazing maze game in Gamemaker 

(Start > All Programs > Games (second folder) > Gamemaker) 

We have already made one together, now you have to make one by yourself. 

Follow through the steps below in order

  1. Create 3 sprites: Player, Wall and Portal (give appropriate names)

  2. Create the wall object, making sure you tick solid 

  3. Create the player object. It will need to do the below: 

    • Move Up, Down, Left and Right with the arrow keys (tip: Key Press, Move Fixed

    • Stop when the arrow keys are released (tip: Key Release, Any Key, Move Fixed

    • When it collides with the wall, stop (tip: Move Fixed

  4. Create the portal object. When it collides with the player, move to the next room (tip: Main 1

  5. Create the room. The first level should be easy. Make sure you add your player and the portal 

  6. Test it works (the green play button at the top)

  7. Add some more rooms 

  8. Create an enemy sprite 

  9. Create an enemy object that moves horizontally. It will need to do the below: 

    • On Create, set Speed Horizontal to 3 

    • On collision with the wall, bounce 

    • On collision with the player, restart the current level (tip: Main 1) 

  10. Add the enemy to a room. Test it works 

  11. Do steps 8-10 again, but for an enemy that moves vertically (tip: Speed Vertical)

  12. Add in some ‘good’ items that when collected increase the score 

  13. Extra, Extra, Extension: Add an enemy that follows you (tip: move towards. Player object name.x, player object name.y. Also add a step event)

  14. If there is time, or you are struggling with step 13, you can add anything you wish to your game. Why not zoom in on the character?

10 minutes before the end of the lesson, do the test below:

Digital Exercise Test