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Glyn Johns Technique - How to Mic a Drum Kit with Three Lauten Microphones


http://www.soundpure.com/m/lauten-aud... Learn how to mic a full drum kit using the Glyn Johns Method, with a pair of Lauten Oceanus microphones and a Lauten Horizon from SoundPure's audio expert Fletcher. Situating a trio of microphones from Lauten Audio to capture the flawless drum stylings of Devin Fuller, Fletcher details everything you would need to know about understanding this technique of miking a full kit. Guitarist Jared Wofford and organist Mark Wells join to complete the sound. The Lauten vacuum tube Oceanus mics were run through an A Designs Pacifica Preamp, while the tube Horizon mic was run through a Great River MP2NV Preamp as well as an A Designs EMEQ2 equalizer, with both running through the Lynx Aurora AD converter. If you want to learn more about the gear used in this session, or if you have any questions concerning the techniques used, don't hesitate to call the recording engineers here at Sound Pure Studios. 919.682.5552. or 888.528.9703.