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Big map top-down game

In this task you will create a top-down, maze game but this time with just 1 room/level. We are instead going to make the room really large (similar to Zelda or Pokémon).

Follow the steps in order and carefully and make use of the videos:

  1. Create these sprites
    1. Player (32x32 and anything you want)
    2. Wall (32x32)
  2. Make the objects for them
    1. Wall - just make solid! Nothing else needed
    2. Player - this may help (except the game start bit)
      1. Move on Key Press (up, down, left, right)
      2. Stop on Key Release (up, down, left, right)
      3. Stop when collide with wall
  3. Quickly create a room and test it works. If something is wrong, fix it. Remember to ask others in the class for help
  4. View following the player
    1. We are going to make the room really large and get the view on the screen to follow our character around
    2. This video will show you how to do it
    3. Video
  5. Health
    1. We are going to give our main character health as well as lives. When the characters health becomes 0, it will lose a life. The health will then go back to 100. Once they run out of lives, it is game over
    2. Follow this video carefully to setup health and lives
    3. Video
  6. Spike floor
    1. We will add a spike floor that will reduce the characters health all the time it is standing on it
    2. Create a sprite for the spike floor (32x32) like this: 
    3. Watch this video on how to make the object
    4. Video
  7. Key and end of game door
    1. In order to complete the game, the character must reach the door. Before that they must find the key
    2. Create sprites for the key and door
    3. Watch this video on how to make the objects
    4. Video
  8. Add in some enemies and anything else to make the game great. These web items may help: 21165 and 19925