Hartismere School

An outstanding coeducational secondary school and sixth form college

Years 10 and 11 - 'An Inspector Calls' Theatre Trip

Theatre Trip to London to see 'An Inspector Calls'  Years: 10 + 11

Staff in charge: Mrs Buttle Cost: £40  Venue: Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Avenue, London

We leave school at 9.50am, returning at app. 8pm.

We plan to stop at services for pupils to purchase a hot lunch but they should bring enough food and drink for the whole day in case traffic prevents this.

Mobile phones are permitted but must be turned off inside the theatre, pupils will be responsible for their own property.

Pupils may wear appropriate non uniform.

Parents are asked not to park along the bus bays nearest to the school, this is the safest place for the two buses to park and for pupils to disembark.