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GCE ICT IT1 :: 8 :: Private Study Tasks

A video of an early 1990's commercial for the internet. It's funny in a way looking back at this commercial, but in a way much of the internet is the same as when it was first introduced to the public. http://www.greenteabreak.com/2014/06/evolution-of-the-internet/ This upload isn't of the complete commercial. It's about 30 minutes long and can be found elsewhere on youtube.


  1. Create an advertisement to sell the internet to someone who has never seen or it or heard of it. Make sure you include everything that's good about the internet. 1 page or 1 minute video.
  2. Should we turn off the internet? For ever? Argue reasons why our lives would be better and safer if we switched off the internet for good. 250 words. [8]
  3. Hospitals make use of computer networks.
    a) Other than sharing peripherals and email, describe three benefits that using a computer network gives the hospital network manager. [3]
    b) A hospital uses an Intranet. Define the term Intranet and describe one advantage to the hospital of having an Intranet. [2]
  4. Electronic mail has become essential to many companies because of the speed with which it can get messages around the globe. Other than speed, explain the advantages and disadvantages of using email. [4]
  5. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of networks, when used in the home. [3]