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Introductory History and Philosophy of Science

Hakob Barseghyan teaches history and philosophy of science at the University of Toronto. Here's how he introduces this series of lectures:

"It is my goal to help my students appreciate how fascinating both the history and philosophy of science are. In my videos, I discuss a number of important philosophical questions: Can we know anything with absolute certainty? Is there a universal and unchangeable method of science? What is the mechanism of scientific change? What demarcates science from non-science? Can scientific theories provide true descriptions of the world? Is there scientific progress? I also outline the scientific worldviews accepted in different periods of the history of science. In particular, I focus on the key components of the four major scientific worldviews – Aristotelian-medieval, Cartesian, Newtonian, and Contemporary (Quantum-Relativistic)."


Interested? Follow this link to watch some of his lectures:

Hakob Barseghyan: history and philosophy of science