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Year 9 - Thorpe Park Trip

Arrival time UPDATE

Due to traffic we are expecting to arrive back at school for 7.30pm. I will attempt to update if this changes.

Please remember not to park in the bus bays nearest the school.

Thank you

Mrs Buttle



Students should arrive at school at 7.20am to board the buses

Mobile phones are permitted but remain the responsibility of the student at all times, and should be used appropriately.

Students are to wear sensible and appropriate clothing (no hot pants, crop tops!)  taking the weather into consideration.

Students will be expected to bring a packed lunch and/or sufficient money to buy lunch.

There are no planned stops so students are reminded to use the facilities before leaving school and the park on return.

The estimated time of return is 7pm and buses will drop off at the bus bays, please ensure students are aware which car park they will be collected from and by whom. They should also carry the most convenient contact number in case of late/early arrival.

Parents are reminded that for the safety of students buses drop off at the bays nearest to the school, and we request that you do not park cars in this area.


Mrs Buttle


Please note students who have a poor record of behaviour will be excluded from the trip; pupils were made aware of the expectations at the beginning of the year.  All students not attending the trip will be expected to attend normal lessons.