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I don't know how to 'be prepared' for lessons

Quote from student - "Sometimes my form tutor and my teachers say I should use my studies and free time to prepare for lessons, as well as doing homework, but I don’t know what that means!"

Well, preparing for lessons is ensuring you know as much as possible to be ready for what will be covered in that lesson. 
For example, if you have just started learning about Operating Systems and knew that next lesson you would be doing more on the topic, being well prepared could mean:

  • reading your notes from the previous lesson
  • reading the relevant chapter of the textbook (e.g. 20543)
  • researching online more about the topic
  • reading ahead of what you have covered so far
  • looking at relevant books in the reading room

Imagine, in the next lesson you will be able to answer question, ask your own questions and generally look really impressive. Wouldn’t that be nice?

As Scar said (sang) in the Lion King - “Be prepared!” I loved Jeremy Irons...