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GCSE Business lesson 21.11.18


1.  Complete the spreadsheet below on Pizza Competition Research by looking at what other pizza places (try to pick some local and some chain pizza places).  You will need to add in a few additional rows yourself and please feel free to change some of the ones that I have put in for you.  You may work with a partner to add in even more information.  If so, copy this into a googledoc and you can work on it collaboratively.  40 mins max


2.  Read the following information from BBC bitesize about questionnaire writing:  www.bbc.co.uk


3.  Have a go at writing your own questionnaire to find out about people's preferences in regards to Pizza.  Consider ordering, delivery, toppings, deals, other menu items, loyalty cards, etc.  You will need to collect basic information about the people completing the questionnaire so that you can identify who wants what!  Again, you may work in a pair on this if wanted.  Aim for between 7 and 12 questions only.


4.  Prepare a 'data collection sheet' for your questionnaire.


Homework:  Collect at least 6 (12 if working in a pair!)  responses to your questionnaire and put these in your data collection sheet