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How small teams deal with the madness of releasing on Steam

In the hours after the release of Cosmic Star Heroine, after a night of chittering anxiety, a week of frantically digging up lingering bugs, and four years of programming and polish for a project that was originally dreamed up as a Kickstarter all the way back in 2013, art director Bill Stiernberg realized there was something wrong. A fraction of his playerbase were drawing their guns only to watch as some of the enemies on the other half of the screen immediately despawned. Cosmic Star Heroine is a globetrotting RPG built directly out of the bones of legendary 16-bit adventures like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6, complete with an old school battle system. But now the spectacle of its treasured, multi-tiered combat was broken."There’s this [boss battle] against a giant mech enemy where you fight its two arms, and the battle would start with one of the arms disabled because of this bug," says Stiernberg. "They’d be only fighting one arm, and afterwards