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GCSE CS: 1.2 Image Representation Educational Poster

Create a poster titled ‘How computers represent and store images’.

We have look at how images are stored as a binary value. Use what you have learnt, and some extra research, to create an educational poster. You can use any software you wish as long as your poster is landscape and at least the size of A2 paper (max size 1920 x 1080).

You poster should include information about:

  • The use of binary to represent the pixels that make up an image
  • The meaning of colour depth and resolution
  • What impacts an images file size
  • Metadata included in image files
  • How an image file size is calculated
  • Image compression
  • Difference between bitmap and vector images

Grade boundaries

Grade 2 - You have information about pixels, what resolution is, how binary is used to store images and have mentioned compression

Grade 4 - You have completed and explained some of the previous and added information about colour depth and metadata. You also have an example of an image in binary form

Grade 6 - You have fully explained all the previous and given details of how an image file size can be calculated. You have described the use of both lossy and lossless compression and how compression affects file size. You have mentioned common image file types. You have explained how resolution and colour depth affect file size.

Grade 8 - All the above fully explained. Extra stuff also. Lots of examples to aid in explanations.


Hand in as an image file (jpg or png).