Hartismere School

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Art & Photography after school - Wednesday 21st March 4pm – 8pm Catch-up & cake!

We are providing additional extracurricular sessions for students to work on essential exam preparation or completion of coursework. Students will be able to come and use the department facilities after school, at weekends and during the Easter break to ensure that they get the best grade possible.


These sessions are an opportunity for all Art and Photography students to complete and improve their work. We are aware of the time consuming nature of these subjects and feel it would be beneficial for as many students as possible to attend a session where we can help them to finish projects to the best of their ability.


In addition to our regular catch-up sessions every Monday and Tuesday after school until 5pm I am providing the following support sessions for all Art & Photography students:


Wednesday 21st March 4pm – 8pm Catch-up & cake!

Saturday 24th March 10am – 2pm

(During Easter Break)

Tuesday 10th April 10am – 2pm

Wednesday 11th April 10am – 2pm

Thursday 12th April 10am – 2pm


If you would like to attend one or more of these additional sessions please collect a letter from your teacher and return the reply slip ASAP.