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Jack and The Windows Project Work

Project Work - Jack and the Windows:

1.  Title Page

2.  Introduction - set the scene!

3.  Table of Costs

4.  Graph - fully annotated with break even point identified

5.  Make some comments about the graph.  Consider what his break-even point is and explain fully what this means.  

6.  Jack currently has 40 customers per week.  Comment on his current situation (Costs, Revenue, Margin of Safety, Profit/Loss)

7.  Jack is considering increasing his price by 10%.  What would the implications of this be?

8.  Jack is considering using cheaper equipment which would reduce his VC by 10% what would the implications of this be?

9.  Jack's FC are set to rise by 20%.  What are the implications of this.

10. Explain why knowing about about break-even is important for Jack

11. Explain what the problems of break even analysis are.  There are some notes on page 5 of your break -even booklet and some links below to help - 

Break-even analysis is a practical and popular tool for many businesses, including start-ups. However, you also need to know about the limitations of the…


Strengths And Weaknesses of Break-Even Analysis Entrepreneurs might be brave and ready to take risks, but is not only a matter of attitude. It’s backed up by numbers, rationality and informed decis…

12.  A full glossary of terms.