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Review of the week - A great educational animation!

Congratulations to Megan and Jenna! INTO Film's review of the week winners!

The breadwinner is an animation about an 11 year old girl who disguises her self as a boy to provide for her poor family that are suffering from a loss of their Father who had been taken away from then. This story shows how sexism in Afghanistan is a major thing showing how women are not allowed on the streets unless they are with their husband or brother and how women and girls are treated badly due to their gender. This story touched my heart because it shows what life is really like in Afghanistan in a realistic manor. But with help from the girl's ones was companion she sets of to find her lost father in a prison far away, this shows the harsh reality of what other countries were and still are today going through. I also love this because it contains a literary device (A story within a story) to show and emphasis the plot to make it more entertaining.This story also manifests the certainty of how her family was struggling to function so much that she is willing to risk her life to help them survive this shows us the burdensome reality in which they were living in. Towards the end of the story a war breaks out and again draws attention to the fact that the world is never a safe place, furthermore it's proof that this story is not only a great, exciting and heart touching one but a real eye opener and educational, realistic movie. The quality of the animation is well done and the story line is easy to follow and the background music is chosen well depending on the mood of the scene. I would definitely recommend this film to people as it can help spread awareness for agonized countries and for pure entertainment because it will keep you on the edge of your seat!