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How Camera Movement creates meaning in Attack the Block

From Film Studies Fundamentals, the first in a new video essay series; Quick Take. In each video essay we take a look at one aspect of film language, in one moment from one film and analyse how it creates meaning. In this film, we look at Joe Cornish's ATTACK THE BLOCK and examine how two camera movements near the start of the film tell the audience that this is a science fiction film, set in the UK and made by a Star Wars fan. Looking for help with your GCSE Film Studies work? I've written an ebook on this film! Over 50 pages of information and resources designed to support of teaching Attack the Block for Eduqas GCSE Film Studies, written by an experienced examiner and consultant for Eduqas. Find the resource here: http://www.sellfy.com/iandoublem Use the code FUNDAMENTALS for 25% off ANY purchase! The booklet on ATTACK THE BLOCK provides detailed context, key facts and information and systems for keeping notes when watching the film and key scenes. It also features details on key scenes, dozens of screenshots from the film as well as others that have influenced the film and dozens of activities for students. The booklet also includes mock exam questions, comprehension questions as well as guidance on how to analyse scenes from the film. Subscribe to the channel here for more clips like these: http://bit.ly/clickthislinktosub Buy me a coffee here: http://www.ko-fi.com/iandoublem