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Y7A Chem Cover 22nd March 2019 Friday 1,2

Please take registration, attached. 

Then ask students to hand out their books. This lesson we will focus on Chemical&Physical change, and the second main task is to play a game for science lab equipment. (All the print out will be ready in the front table of S7)

Please write down the date Friday 22nd March 2019 and title Chemical & Physical change on board then ask pupils to note this down in their books. Then please play link 1

Link 1 We've talked about mixtures and solutions, solutes and solvents, but what about things that can't be undone? What about Chemical Changes? Would it surprise you to know that baking a cake is a Chemical Change? Or striking a match? 

Then Play through PPT1 and ask pupils to note down the last page (physical and chemical changes) in their books. 

Link 2

Then play Link2, while pupils are watching this video, please let them know that there will be a quick quiz on this topic after this video, please encourage them to remember as much as they can. 

Then ask pupils to come to the front and collect white mini board and marker pens. One each. Then play the PPT2. Please pupils to keep tracking their results through the quiz. After showing each question please do a 5 counting down, 5,4,3,2,1 then they need/only show their answers when you call number 1. Then show the answer, they need to self-mark. Then moving on to the next one.

Ask for feedback. Please give positive feedback on students who got more than 12 out of 15. Thanks. Ask pupils to put the white mini boards and pens back to the front.

Then hand out the Reaction Word Search (answers attached to this lesson plan.), give pupils about 5 mins to search for these words, for challenging questions, please encourage pupils to write down what they know about these words. But it is OK if they don't know any. Then show the answer and ask pupils to swap and peer-marking. 

Please give each pupil a piece of A4 paper, then ask them to think "if you are explaining what you have learnt today to your neighbour who is 80 years old". Give them 5mins to discuss in pairs then give them another 3mins to discuss in groups (every 4 people). Then ask them to work in silence to write down in the A4 papers and ready to share. Then ask maybe 3 pupils to read out their writing. 

Play link 3. Ask pupils to put down their pens or anything, sit and enjoy.

If still got more time, please go through PPT Science-lab-equipment-game, give pupils some time to finish the drawing (A4 paper). 

Then hand out Pupil worksheet and ask pupils to walk around the classroom to finish the worksheet. They need to use the pictures around the classroom and support sheets in the front table to finish the task. 

If still have time left, please ask pupils to draw the equipment in their books.

Ask pupils to put their books back and pack up.  

Thank you.