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Y9SV Chem Cover 22nd March 2019 Friday 3,4

Please take registration, attached. (All the printout and answers sheet will be ready on the front table of S7).

Ask pupils to hand out their books.

Please hand out the Year 9 Chemistry-Revision-Periodic-table-revision worksheet and a copy of the Periodic table. Ask pupils to finish task A&B. Then hand out the answer sheet for task A&B, they need to swap and peer-marking. Ask for feedback. How many of them got all correct? Less than 2 mistakes? and please give them some positive comments. This task will take about 35 mins to finish, pupils can write their answers in their books or on the worksheet. 

Please play Link 1

Link 1

Then ask pupils to try to finish Task C&D. Then hand out the answer sheet for Task C&D. GIve them about 5mins to have a go on these questions, and then play Link 2, and tell pupils this video is about the same topic with a different explanation. They can choose to watch it or continue on Task C&D, but do play this one as well. Thank you. 

Link 2 

Pupils need to swap and peer marking. Ask for feedback, please circle the questions which pupils have a hard time to work it out. Give pupils some time to discuss these questions and encourage them to peer-support. (if someone got most of the questions correct, and they can walk around and help others). This task may take about 35 mins to finish, but please feel free to give them more time if it is necessary. Thanks. 

Please ask pupils to put their books back. 

Then please play link 3 to the rest of the lesson. 

Link 3

Thank you.