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A Slimmer Website: It's quicker and it saves money

Running a website costs money.

There are costs associated with storing website content on webservers, and using "bandwidth" to send website content to users. Additionally there is also the electricity and maintenance costs of running website server equipment 24/7, 365 days per year.

Website developers are always looking for ways to keep the amount of data as small as possible so that it takes up less space and bandwidth.

There are several techniques: compression is the most common. This involves complex algorithms to remove repeating patterns of data.

We already use compression to reduce the size of our website data, but we're keen to push the boundaries of how much we can save:


We're pleased to announce that from 1st April we'll be using Disemvowelling to reduce the amount of website data even further.


Disemvowelling is the process of removing all the vowels from every word. (Read about it here...)

Our webserver has been programmed to remove all the vowels from within each word. This reduces the amount of data by approximately 20%.


This could result in a total saving of £32,486 in five years.


Surprisingly for most people Disemvowelled text is still quite easy to read. However our system has been programmed to retain vowels at the beginning and end of words to improve clarity. It also removes some silent letters from words: E.g. Physics becomes Fysics and Psychology becomes Sychology etc.


A Disemvowelled School

If the new website proves successful, we plan to roll out Disemvowelling across the whole school. This should reduce photocopying costs, and potentially save time in the classroom and with homework. This will mean disemvowelling:

  • Worksheets and handouts.
  • Examination papers.
  • Posters and displays.

Students will receive one lesson per week learning how to disemvowel their own work enabling them to be more productive and efficient.


It may even be possible to shorten the school day and finish at 2pm due to the time saved.


If you would rather see the website without Disemvowelment, please click here: