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Learning at Home (Updated 24 March)

Y9  Mandarin Cover lesson 1&2, 14th June 2019

Please take Y9 to Computer room C3. Pupils need to use the following link to learn and practice some basic Mandarin. (50mins)


Real Chinese is a 10-part series which was broadcast on the BBC learning zone. The series covers some of the basics of Mandarin Chinese while looking into various aspects of Chinese culture.

For the second half of the lesson. Please ask pupils to spend about 20mins to research some Myths or legends, or Chinese cultural and history, and take some notes. Then please take the class back to S7, pupils need work in pairs and make a poster for their research. Please ask pupils to write down their names on the poster and a positive memo will be given for a good poster. A good poster should include: pupils' name; the name of the Myth and legend/ cultural or history; brief explanation of the story they choose; some drawing and good design!