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London Design Trip

Open to all year 12 Product Design students and current year 11s planning to study the subject at A level.

Leaving at 8.00am, we will visit NEW Designers in Islington and 'AI- More than Human' at the Barbican. We will stop at IKEA on the way back and plan to be home by 9.00pm.




London design show. Discover 3,000 breakthrough talents, designers, makers & disruptors. UK#1 graduate design exhibition. Design shows, networking & awards

.Full of disruptive thinking, ambitious ideas and fresh approaches, New Designers presents the work of 3,000 hand-picked graduate design talents from around the country. Hosted at London’s Business Design Centre 3 - 6 July, the show explores every discipline of modern making. 
Great design shapes the human experience, and new perspectives push us forward. Join us for creative exchange, collaboration and to celebrate the future of design.


AI: More than Human invites you to explore our relationship with artificial intelligence.

This major centre-wide ‘festival-style’ exhibition explores creative and scientific developments in AI, demonstrating its potential to revolutionise our lives. Bringing together artists, scientists and researchers, this interactive exhibition offers an unprecedented survey of AI with which you are invited to engage head-on.

Experience the capabilities of AI in the form of cutting-edge research projects by DeepMind, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Neri Oxman; and interact directly with exhibits and installations from artists including Mario Klingemann, Massive Attack, Es Devlinand and TeamLab to experience the possibilities first-hand.

Prepare for your preconceptions of AI to be challenged by this timely exhibition, that reflects on how this technology impacts our very existence.

Cost £26.00. Pick up a letter from Ms Thompson. 

What makes us human? Why do we fear artificial intelligence and robots? 'AI: More than Human' curators Suzanne Livingston and Maholo Uchida unpack the big questions explored in this interactive exhibition.