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Instagram :: Around the World Challenge

In an attempt to inspire pupils from our school sport partnership area, we have a challenge for you all. We would like you to walk/run the circumference of our planet over the next few weeks. No, I don’t mean on your own! The equatorial circumference of Earth is 24,901 miles or 40,074,275 metres. To put that further into perspective, each step you take when walking is approximately 0.75m and when running 1m. So, we want you to do this as part of a much larger effort. If we can get all of our primary schools in the HSSSP area involved, obviously we can complete the challenge much quicker! Ideally you will have a device to help you record your distances, but failing that, a sensible guess would be sufficient. If you school gets involved, then they will add this to their online info for you. If not, add your results to the comments section with your first name and school. More info at www.hartismere.com/hsssp. #stayactive #stayinworkout #keepmovingsuffolk