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History Learning at Home - Week 2 (Covid-19)

Bury St Edmunds

Wednesday 1 April 2020


Dear pupils and parents,


History Learning at Home

The end of term is here! 

Well done to everyone for your hard work since normal lessons were suspended. It has only been 8 school days but you’ve all done incredibly well in the circumstances. We've set online work for every class so that, as far as possible, you are keeping up to date with the normal programme of study. We have provided alternative tasks for pupils who require them. Here’s a quick reminder of what you’ve achieved and what’s ongoing or coming up:

  • Year 7

    • Using Google Classroom, Google Forms (Quiz) BBC Bitesize and SENECA to study Life in Medieval England, the Crusades, King John and Magna Carta.

    • Coming up after the Easter break: King Henry II and Thomas Becket, The Black Death, The Peasants’ Revolt. 

  • Year 8

    • Using Google Classroom, Google Forms (Quiz) and BBC Bitesize and SENECA to study the Industrial Revolution, the French Revolution (1789), Popular Protest through Time, Chartism and the development of Parliamentary government. 
    • Coming up after the Easter break: Movement, Settlement and Empire.
  • Year 9 

    • Using Google Classroom, Google Forms (Quiz) BBC Bitesize to review the campaigns for Womens’ Suffrage and starting an investigation into the Civil Rights Movement in the USA.
    • Coming up after the Easter break: When did life really improve for ordinary people in the twentieth century? How do we tell the story of migration to Britain? Why is the British Empire so controversial?
  • Year 10

    • Using Google Classroom, SENECA, HistoryHomework and GCSEPod to study their last GCSE unit for this year - 'Living Under Nazi Rule 1933-1945'. This will take us through the rest of the school year and all work must be completed by the time we break up for the Summer. This unit will be examined at the end of Y11.

  • Year 12

    • Using Google Classroom, SENECA to continue their study of Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy, 1603–1702 and also prepare for their Non Examined Assessment (NEA) which is based on their understanding and research into the development of the civil rights of black Americans from c.1865-c.1965 and is submitted for assessment in Y13. Both of these units will be assessed/examined at the end of Y13.


I know that at times working remotely can be frustrating but it is fantastic to see so many of you ‘wrestling’ with the challenges and usually overcoming any temporary difficulties (#wheresthereawilltheresaway #covidcantstoplearning). Some of your efforts have been truly inspirational; see our Instagram page for examples of amazing efforts and often near perfect results. It really is time tonight to give yourselves a collective pat on the back and breath; no more history work until Monday 20 April…..unless you’ve got some catching up to do or fancy doing a bit of independent research! At the end of this update are several links that may prove useful if you get stuck as we move forward.  


Thank you for all the hard work you've put in so far. 

With best wishes,

Richard Miller

Head of History 


Useful links:  

History Curriculum:

Links to the content of our schemes for KS3&4. Obviously subject to a little variation at the moment: https://www.hartismere.com/25674/History-Curriculum-Documentation

Hartismere History on School Website:

Collection of items from many platforms: https://www.hartismere.com/History

Hartismere History on Instagram:

Posts of examples of pupil work, upcoming tasks, results etc: https://www.instagram.com/hartismerehistory/

Hartismere History on Twitter (@HartHiSmere): 

Interesting history related tweets, helpful hints and tips from the History Department at Hartismere School and VI College: https://twitter.com/HartHiSmere 

Learning at Home Page: 

A useful first stop if you’re having difficulties with accessing platforms and materials: https://www.hartismere.com/1/Learning-at-Home-Updated-24-March

Reading Support:

A  piece of web based software similar to 'Talk to me' (that is used in school) that can be used to help pupils access tricky text based work: naturalreaders.com