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The Hartismere Around the World Challenge

In an attempt to inspire our staff and students, we have a challenge for you all ......

"The Hartismere Around the World Challenge"

We would like you to walk and/or run the circumference of our planet over the next few weeks! No, I don't mean on your own! The equatorial circumference of Earth is 24,901 miles or 40,074,275 metres. To put that further into perspective, each step you take when walking normally is approximately 0.75m and when running 1m. 

So, we want you to do this as part of a much larger school effort, ...... staff and students all involved!

If you have a fitbit or similar device then it is much easier to work out how far you have traveled, but for many of you it will require a sensible guess! Preferably, we would like you to record your distances in metres (a mile is 1609m). Remember a walking step is approximated at 0.75m and a running step at 1m. A bit of maths work for you to complete here, ideally without a calculator! I would suggest you post your results weekly rather than each time you walk/run. So for example, if you did a 1 mile run (1609m) on Monday, a walk of 2000 steps (0.75x2000= 1500m) on Wednesday and a run of 3300 steps (1x3300= 3300m) on Friday, this would be 1609m + 1500m + 3300m = 6409 metres (or 3.98 miles). Oh, and you can back date to last Monday ((23 Mar) as well. Don't count steps on your devices just around your home, we are talking walks and runs .... full on active mode!

You can either post your distances in the comments below, or on our instagram page. 

Please note: under government advice (as it currently stands), one form of exercise outside of your house locally is acceptable but please ensure you follow social distancing rules of 2m and wash your hands for 20 seconds when returning home. Please do not meet up with friends for any walks or runs. 

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section. Best of luck everyone!

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