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History Learning at Home - Weeks 6&7 (Covid 19)

Bury St Edmunds

Monday 25 May 2020


Dear pupils and parents

History Learning at Home

The first half of our summer term over; where did the last five weeks go? It has been a very busy period in the history 'classrooms' with KS3, 4 and 5 all working hard and, as far as possible, following the normal programmes of study. Some pupils have actually had the opportunity to learn in more detail about topics that we would ordinarily cover in less depth e.g. the Cold War with Y9 and the impact of Islam on the Medieval World with Y7. 

It's been so hectic in fact that you may have noticed that there was no written post here last week and a brief video entry on Instagram filled the gap. The Instagram page has been gradually attracting more followers and it's been fun sharing a mixture of interesting history related pictures and pupils' work. Some of the posts with the highest number of 'likes' have been those showing pupils' writing and it's been really nice to see that the level of mutual support we see when we're in school has carried over into the virtual world. That has also been the case behind the scenes on, for example, GoogleClassroom when I've already seen on many occasions classmates posting helpful hints to each other on how to sort out problems with the technology or decipher a particularly tricky instruction! We really are all learning together and you're doing a great job....well done.

As I write it looks as though we're about to experience that most rare of occurrences, a sunny Spring Bank Holiday! Make the most of it and have a good rest ahead of our second (longer!) half term of history lessons.

With best wishes, 

Richard Miller