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Calling all Runners!

As part of the Suffolk Virtual School Games (sports competitions for schools without leaving their school site), there is the opportunity to compete in Cross Country. This is open to all year groups. Year 7 can compete on Monday (19th) after school (2400m), Year 8 on Tuesday (20th) after school (3600m) (*late buses available) whereas Year 9 (3600m), Year 10/11 (4400m) and Yr 12/13 (5600m) can attempt this via a running app (eg Strava). Results must be submitted to the PE Dept by close of play on Thurs 22 Oct. There are prizes for the top performers in the county BUT just do it because running is good for you! If anyone needs more info, please see the PE Dept. *Yr 7 and 8's need to go to the PE dept after school (on their designated day) and get changed into PE kit, with suitable running trainers. A course will be set up for you to run and be timed. Once complete, you will then be free to go (or wait for transport home).