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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Year 9 Charity Fundraiser 2020 - The Poppy Appeal

This year’s Remembrance Events across the country have been cancelled due to the Covid outbreak. However, we still need to remember just what all the brave men and women fought for and what they sacrificed for us today.

The local 490th Memorial group have a plan to help the people of Eye to remember the fallen. Inspired by the fantastic NHS rainbows displayed in windows during lock down, the 490th B.G. invite us to paint poppies to then display in our windows. 

Unfortunately, normal remembrance poppy selling will also been limited, so they are asking us to sponsor a poppy by donating money for templates of poppies and via their website.  Please see the attached PDF doc. for more information about what we are doing in school.

Pupils from year 9 will be coming into form rooms this week and next to distribute our poppy templates for pupils to take home, colour and display in your windows. Please donate some spare change for the templates. 

All year 9 pupils will also be taking part in a workshop with the art department to make large poppy wreaths from recycled plastic bottles. It is hoped that these finished wreaths will be displayed outside the schools main entrance and also at The 490th Engineers Memorial site in Brome.

There will also be a non-school uniform day on Wednesday 11th November to raise funds for Remembrance Day charities.

Please give generously.