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Excuse me - what do you think about computers? In 1969!

A British film about computers from 1969. It is presented here as a historical look at how computers used to be in the 1960's when PC's and Macs were over 10 years away.

Year 12 ICT Assignment. Create a new version of this video. Bring it up-to-date! Think about:

Capabilities of ICT

Advantages of ICT over manual methods of processing data

  • Repetitive processing

  • Speed of processing

  • Data storage capacity

  • Speed of searching

  • Accuracy and speed of data communications

  • The ability to produce different output forms.

Factors affecting the efficiency of data processing systems

  • Hardware specs

  • Software limitations

  • Suitability of the operating system

  • Communication (type and speed)

  • Input (GIGO) Garbage In Garbage Out (information is only as reliable as the data put in)

  • Requirements of the user - software development, testing, communication with the user, cost, support etc.