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Friends of Hartismere School

Dear Hartismere families
We now have a thriving 'Friends of Hartismere School' group, the aims of which are to support the school and children with fundraising activities, and to help people make connections with our Hartismere families. 
The chair of Hartismere Friends is Kerry Baker and she and the team would like to invite people to become members of the Friends and/or to volunteer at the upcoming events. The volunteering commitment is minimal - it would be one evening at the production helping with refreshments. It's also a great opportunity to get involved and meet new people.  
If you'd like to volunteer, or to just join the Friends, please get in touch with Kerry on mrskgbaker@googlemail.com or email 'friends@hartismere.com' or contact them through the Friends Facebook group https://facebook.com/groups/745433684217860/
Thank you 

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