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National Apprenticeship Week 2024 - Guide for Parents

The new digital guide – available from Monday 5 February for National Apprenticeship Week – is packed full of vital information to help parents guide and students decide whether an apprenticeship could be the right choice for them.

The fourth edition of our Apprenticeships Guide is sponsored by the National Audit Office and contains tips and insider insights from employers as well as interviews with today’s apprentices – plus in-depth information about the apprenticeship programmes available across every industry.

Features include:

Contributing employers include: British Army, Google, Morgan Stanley, NHS, PwC, Royal Horticultural Society and more...

How do I get my guide?

If you’re already signed up to the  mailing list, you’ll get access to the Apprenticeships Guide on Monday 5 February. 

If you haven't signed up but you'd like to receive a copy of the guide you can sign up for immediate download access on Monday 5 February by visiting the following link:



In this section...

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My Examinations


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