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A level Chemistry :  bridging GCSE to A level

Here are a collection of resources that you may like to look through and use, as time allows.

One of the most important things that you can do is to start thinking chemistry - much like you would have done when you were in GCSE lessons.  You would no doubt have used those problem-solving, linguistic (chemical formulae & symbols) and creative parts of your brain to work in the subject. Some easy ways to do this are set up below to use as you see fit.  If it's been a while, you may want to start gently with some of the Video clips and (especially) the Podcasts.  The podcasts are accessible, short (around 7 minutes each) and interesting. Try a few out.........


The syllabus


Useful websites :

- Chemguide

- DocBrown A level Chemistry 



(start to A level - really useful channel) : ASFC Chemistry channel on YouTube

MaChemGuy : again a collection of videos including what you need to start A level


Wider Chemistry & Science 

(good background materials to dip into.  They might help you to refresh your chemistry and 

start to think like a Chemist after a break ............)

"Chemistry in it's element" ; 7 minute audio podcasts   [also available Spotify / itunes / Google - search for "Chemistry in its element")

RSC element podcasts : again, 7 minutes long and downloadable  

"10 amazing chemical reactions" - a short video montage on YouTube


Rough Science : a series of 28 minute TV episodes (on line) where stranded Scientists attempt to resolve problems using Science.