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Year 9 One Lesson Task :: Congratulations [Spreadsheet]


Imagine you have won first prize in a competition!

There are four different prizes to choose from. Use your computer to help you decide which is the best!

Prize A Prize B
£1,000 in the first year, 
£2,000 in the second year, 
£3,000 in the third year,
£4,000 in the fourth year,
£5,000 in the fifth year 
and so on for 25 years.
 1p in the first year,
2p in the second year,
4p in the third year,
8p in the fourth year,
16p in the fifth year
and so on for 25 years.
Prize C Prize D
£10,000 each year
for 25 years.
 £250 in the first year then
plus 25% each year.


  • Which prize do you think will pay the most after 25 years?
  • Use a Spreadsheet to calculate the amount you will receive each year for each prize. [You will need to use formulas!]
  • Which prize pays the most after 25 years?
  • If each prize only lasted 10 years - which would be the best?



  • Multiple choice test
    10 Questions :: <15 Mins


  • 1 Lesson